Monday, October 20, 2008

It's the small things!!

There are some things in life, that just make me smile...
Brooklyn at our trunk-or-treat at church. Every time she went up to get candy, she said, "Trick or treat. Thank you Birthday! Bye!!!" I'm not sure why she always says thank you birthday, but it's hillarious. She also says this on the phone to my parents every time too. I love how she is dressed as a butterfly, but wearing Tyler's pirate bandana with dreads. And, nothing is cuter than a little girl in cowboy boots and underwear, call me crazy, but I love it. Too bad we can't all look that cute like that. Also, Every time Brooklyn is holding Ryan and he starts to cry, she just says, "Shhhh!!!" If only it was that easy. Sometimes when life is crazy and hard, it's the small things and special moments in the day that make everything worth it!! It's these moments we need to hold onto and cherish, because before we know it, theses little rascals will be all grown up.

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Tiffany said...

LOVE THE DREADS with the butterfly ensamble. I was trying to figure out was they were before i read what you wrote. I thought they were antenaes! :) I think Brooki is so cute and looks the most like an Ecklund out of all your kids. And of course I am a suker for a kid in her undies and cowboy boots! too cute! SHe seems like quite the character!