Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Last Tuesday, Brooklyn decided out of the blue to start going potty in the toilet. Of course, after just having a baby, I wasn't really planning on this now, but I thought, "Hey, what the heck?" Why not, right??? Anyways, she's been doing fantastic. She's been dry all day and even most of the nights, which for our family is AMAZING!!!! We are so proud of her, way to go Brookie!!


Reynolds Family said...

Wow, that's impressive! We are going to Disneyland next week. Wanna meet up?

Tiffany said...

Good job Brooklyn! I am very jealous! I DID decide to start potty training with the new baby and am not having such high sucess. I am just tired of changing diapers all day long between the two boys! He has gone a few times on the potty...but it is mostly hit and miss with Eli. And he has never just gone on his own. but he sure likes the m&m reward he gets. :)