Friday, July 17, 2009

Brooklyn turns 3!!!

There are so many things I love about Brooklyn, so I'll try to narrow it down to a few of the best things about her! First of all I love her
little squeeky voice , her big beautifully exotic eyes, her petite little
figure. She's such a dancer...always twirling and spinning. Singing is
also one of her many talents! I love hearing her dancing around singing
the most recent song she's heard! Being the 4th child and being surrounded
by boys has definitely made her a tuff little thing! You don't need to worry
about her getting bullied around, she can definitely hold her own. For instance,
when someone hurts her, she just nails them back and yells out something
like, "piece of junk" or "baby!" Lovely, I know. Being one of the younger ones,
she is definitely learning things much younger than she should. Brooklyn is such
a sweetie, she's always willing to cuddle or "make-out!" I ask her for a kiss and it
ends up being a make out session...don't worry, I keep it G-rated, she really does just
love kissing and hugging. She will cuddle up to me at night and say, "I love you,
I miss you!" Sooooo sweet. Of all the memories I have of Brooklyn, one of my favorite
was her first day of dance class a few weeks ago. I never knew a human could smile
that big, she was in heaven. Thank you Brooklyn for being you, we love you and
wish you a Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009