Monday, April 14, 2008

Cute girls!

Pictures from our hike up
Etiwanda. The kids loved playing in the water at the top of the waterfall.

Brooklyn was obviously exhausted
from the hour hike up to the falls!

Soccer Days
This is how Brooklyn plays on her zebra!
I think surfing might be in her future!

My big brother and I have a very
special relationship!!!

Brooklyn loves her
penguin that Grandma and Grandpa sent her!!!
Tyler definitely has a way with
our rabbits, they love him!

One of our bunnies many
adventures! She also likes the
slide! WEEE!!!
We (Scott) finally caught one
of those crazy lizards in our yard,
it only took 5 years!!!
Brooklyn, Mason and Tyler
love playing "Ring-Around-

Tyler and Elena
Brooklyn and her friend Landon
Easter 2008

I love pudding!!!