Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Is there anything in there???

Please grab a flashlight and shine it through my ears, you will see light coming through the other side!!! I really think my brain is no longer there. Sometimes I wonder how I can function on so little sleep. Ryan is not the best sleeper, he's just like Elena used to be...every 2 hours or less he wants to eat. Fun stuff. It's pretty amusing though, my brain is only able to retain information for about 5 minutes. You may think I'm joking, I only wish I was.

I find my days flying by with laundry piles that put Mt. Everest to shame, homework, wining children and soccer every night I really amaze myself that I'm able to stay awake. I thought this would be my easiest recovery since I'm in such good shape with this one, but it's almost impossible to get any rest, so this has been the hardest recovery. I'm grateful for all my friends who have brought me meals though, if not for these meals, we would be eating cereal for dinner every night. So thank you, from me and my family.

Here are some more recent pics...notice the one of Ryan lying on our Mt. Everest of laundry!!! He seemed to really enjoy it up there!!!

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