Monday, December 7, 2009

Elena reaches a decade!

I can't believe Elena is 10 years old...and she reminds me of it every day by saying, "I'm 10 now!" Elena is such a beautiful, funloving, funny, creative and confident young lady. Elena has a great sense of humor, which of course, she got from me!!! Recently we've noticed one of her talents, she is a great artist. I believe she inhereted this from my grandma! She is also quite the litte photographer! One of Elena's favorite things to do is read. I often find Elena off in her own world as she reads. She is an excellent reader, she reads so fast, I think one day she could be an auctioneer! Being a great big sister is one her best qualities. When I was pregnant with Ryan she told me if it wasn't a girl, she wasn't going to "love" the baby. And now, after a year of having another little brother, I always tell her, I can't imagine if we had a girl, because I can't imagine her loving anyone any more than she loves him. Now that she is the "BIG 10," she is a great help to me. She gets in these awesome moods where she wants to organize....I believe that this is definitely inhereted from my mother, and me (before I had 5 kids). One of my favorte things is putting the other kids to bed and then hanging out with Elena, since she's older now, she gets to stay up a little later than the others. I love this time! She is such a wonderful daughter and such a great example to me of being a great missionary. I'm so grateful she is in our family and setting such a great example for her younger siblings! I know that with all these talents inside one little body, she will have so many options open to her when she grows up! Keep up the good work baby! Love ya!