Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beach Trip

For some reason the font wasn't showing up on my post, so I decided to add the text separately. Sorry for the insane amount of pics....just had a lot to show you all.

I haven't posted anything for so long...I'm not even sure how to start telling you what we've been up to. I looked through TONS of pictures from 2011 so far and I got so overwhelmed, so for now, I'm just going to start with the more recent stuff, since it's fresh on my mind. Over Memorial Day Weekend we went to the beach and stayed for a few days. I LOVE the fact my kids don't care that when you put your toe in the Oregon coast water, it starts to throb in pain...they were out boogie boarding and splashing like we were in Hawaii. We also went on the amazing hike that had a beautiful waterfall and this fun suspension bridge, oh yeah, and LOTS of mud. At first I was worried about Ryan keeping up with us, but he ran at least half of it through the muddy trails, it was so funny! I kept worrying that he was going to slide off the side of the trail, so I had to run with was actually really fun! There are many things we love about Oregon, besides the people...we love how beautiful it is here. I hope you enjoy some of our pictures!

Beach Trip May 2011