Thursday, June 12, 2008

So much for my Sunday afternoon nap

So here I was laying on the couch halfway asleep when Brook decides to hop on me. Ok, fine, she was just wanted to eat her apple, no problem. She wasn't bouncing or anything, no big deal. Well Mason came along (You know the one who has had more hospital trips than all our other kids combined) I'm sure he's thinking to himself "alright daddy's down! Time to Hop on Pop!" He's making all sorts of noises and soon Tyler and Elena come out and want to join the fun. I wish all that jumping around on me would make me a little bit thinner, but no, just a few tender spots around the ribs and some smiling faces. Darcy of course thought this was pretty funny. She was relaxing on the other couch herself with nobody jumping on the pregnant mom (this time at least) so she snapped this photo and voila! One squished dad, and no nap.

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