Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Birthday Girl!!!


Here's a tribute to the Birthday girl. Brooklyn is 2 years old today!!!! Hard to believe how quickly she's growing up. She started out this sweet, easy little baby and now she's so full of personality I'm afraid she's going to burst. She always keeps us on our toes and definitely keeps all of us laughing. Having a great sense of humor is definitely in her personality. And, every time there's music playing, she's dancing!!! Happy Birthday Brooklyn, we love you!!!


Scarcy Family said...

I love her pose at 50 seconds and her air guitar at 58 seconds.

Susan said...

Man, that girl knows how to dance. Pretty impressive. Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Jessica Brunson said...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn from the Brunson's.

Tiffany said...

Darcy--I keep waiting for you or Regan to post pics of Portland where Vance and Irazema got SEALED! How come neither of you have pics of that? What's up??

Oh and no baby yet.I was supposed to be induced today, but they told me they had no room at the inn for me. I cried. :( maybe tomorrow?