Monday, January 12, 2009


I love the picture of Ryan pointing towards the sky, I thought is was cute. Anyways, Yosemite was so fun. Spending 2 days there was barely enough time to see everything we wanted. We were able to go on a couple hikes and drove to some pretty spectacular view points. Half Dome is so beautiful, and just the waterfalls, there were too many to count.

And, what's a family excursion without Mason acquiring some major injury...that's right, he decided to walk along a wood fence about 3 feet in the air and did a lovely face plant onto the cement! Luckily no stitches required this time.


Reynolds Family said...

It's funny, as often as we go to Tulare, we haven't been to Yosemite since Abbey was two. Your picture totally make me want to go again. Looks like you had fun. What took you back to Oregon anyway?

Scarcy Family said...

What took us back to Oregon....good question. My parents are still here and Scott's job was going really slow, and it just felt like the right thing to do. Let's call it a move on faith!!!