Saturday, January 24, 2009

West Hills Ward

The ward received our records in our new ward this Sunday and were officially welcomed in. After Sacrament meeting the members we greeting us with phrases like, "Did I hear right, you have 5 kids?" and "You're the new family with 5 kids." I guess we stick out a little. In the Summit ward it wasn't all that uncommon for us and our friends to have that number, or more!
We were invited over to our new friends Jeff and Natalie Call's house after church. I told Jeff that my grandmother was a Call, and that my dad was born in Afton, WY. After chatting for a while, Jeff decides to go on the church's new website ( What do we find out?..... his grandfather is my great grandfather, or in other words, his father and my grandmother are half siblings. (My great grandfather and his first wife had my grandmother, she died and he remarried and with his second wife had Jeff's dad!) Cool. I can't wait to talk to his Jeff's dad when he gets off his mission.

The West Hills ward is also setting a lot of records for the Humphrey family as well. Since receiving our records on Sunday, we've had the primary president, the bishopbric and the Relief Society Presidency come over to our house. Wow. Is that a welcome or what. I can't recall in my entire life ever having the Bishop ever coming over to my house. They really know how to make us feel important. I can't forget the Elders quorum, in our new ward either, they came out in numbers to help us move in to our new home. Thank you. I would be ungrateful if I didn't thank the Summit ward's Elder's quorum for helping us move out, Thank you as well.

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