Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day we were able to go to my cousins house for
some great BBQ!!! I had to take a picture of the beautiful cookies
Scott gave me from the best bakery in the whole world!!! I love
all the flowers around our yard...the roses are blooming everywhere,
the Calla Lillies are as tall as the kids, and the trees that were once
twigs are loaded with vibrant colors. I didn't realize how much I've
missed spring, it's so beautiful! It was a wonderful mother's day being
around the family this year. Thanks to my wonderful husband and children
for making it a great day!!!


Melissa said...

I cannot believe how big your little guy is getting! He is too cute. I love all the tulip pictures and am jealous that you get to enjoy all the seasons!

Regan said...

Those cookies look yummy! Ryan is so big and he looks a lot like Tyler did when he was little. I don't know if anyone else tells you that but he looks like him to me. Those tulips and flowers are beautiful. I do miss the seasons!

Path said...

Ryan has dimples! I think he looks similar to Mason.

Darcy said...

Yup, I agree that he's a little Mason. Everyone that sees them says the same thing, they say he's Mason's "mini-me!"
When we look back at the boys baby pics, you can tell he and Tyler are related, but Mason's pictures look just like Ryan, and even Elena's pics look like Ryan as well.

Stephanie said...

Just read your blog! So cute...all of it. The design, the thoughts, the kids (beautiful of course). You're a great mom! You just need a few pictures of you and Scott up here so we can remember what you look like! Enjoy the Northwest for me!

Colleen said...

Hi Darcy,
I just looked through a bunch of your blog posts & you made me laugh! I love the pictures at the beach. Poor Elena for losing her shoes - I would be really mad if a wave washed my shoes out to sea. It looks like you guys are so happy in Oregon. It is definitely beautiful there. Now I'm going to go get ready for bed - why I'm still on the computer at 1 o'clock in the morning, I just don't know!