Monday, May 12, 2008

Fathers & Sons aka Aaronic Priesthood Commemoration

I was put in charge of doing the water balloon toss. I decided to put a twist on things. Water Balloon Launchers! These are just a few pics I was able to take. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take too many of Ty and May. I was able to take a few pics after everyone got started having fun. Between the three of us we were able to send some over the fence you see in the background. We got bored sending them over into an empty field so we turned around and sent them into the Frisbee golf course, the parking lot and the metal roofed building (which sent out a loud BOOM! from the impact). Well that got their attention. What took me a couple of hours filling the balloons got used up within an hour. It was fun. Almost all the kids from the stake came over to join the fun, only two families from my ward came over. So what did we do? We sent the balloons hurling over trees, over the parking lot and onto the make shift baseball field the summit ward was playing on. :)
We did end up making some more water balloons some time later and firing them off at each other within the ward.

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Shane said...

Launching water ballons was definitely more fun than playing baseball, just ask Jared, he'll tell you. Thanks for taking the time to fill all the ballons up.