Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break

It was spring break this week, so on Wednesday, we decided to get up at the crack (5:30 AM) and head down to the beach and see the tide pools. The kids had a ton of fun exploring the rocks for different types of marine life. We brought home about 5 pounds of shells! Mason had no fear climbing on the rocks, he would follow Scott way out to the big rocks without a second thought. Sometimes he had to jump 3 feet to get to another rock, pretty crazy. At least we left this experience without any head wounds!!


Tiffany said...

yippee! i love that you started a blog! Now i can see you and all your gorgeous kids all the time!! And I love Brooklyn's crazy hair!! it resembles Eli's...but his has a little more curl to it. :) BTW--you look amazing. You are all linked up to my site so i have easy access! XOXOXO

Kent said...

I'm glad you started a blog too. We seldom respond to your emails, but we're happy to keep up with your family's experiences. Good to know you have five kids like we do!